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For 30+ years we've combined a unique environment with modern technology and an experienced team to help families take down the biggest orthodontic problems.

We believe in providing our patients not just with straight teeth but with healthy bites. Our orthodontists are specialists who get efficient and predictable results that work within your family's budget.

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For over 30 years, we've been helping people resolve painful, destructive jaw problems (TMD).


We have creative solutions for the most complex problems, avoiding extractions and surgery.

Braces for Kids

Growth correction at a younger age can prevent much more complicated treatment.

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Celebrating: Jennifer, Receptionist
At Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics in Calgary, we're more than just a team dedicated to providing orthodontic treatment and good service — we're more like family! So, this month, we'd like to feature Jennifer.
Q&A with Dr Antosz and Dr Vincelli: Never Ignore a Chipped Tooth
Why should I never ignore a chipped tooth? Answer: A chipped tooth can happen to anyone: a child riding a bicycle, a teenager playing basketball, or a grown-up crunching a piece of hard candy. Where you want to start paying attention is when you have frequent chipping or jaw spasms.
Celebrating: Georgina, Clinical Assistant
Celebrating: Georgina, Practice manager, Calgary Orthodontist. At Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics in Calgary, we work hard to create a "family atmosphere" among the members of our hard-working professionals. So, this month, we'd like to feature Georgina.

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