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Team Feature: Shantell

Posted: 2 days ago Main

Team Feature: Shantell
We're excited to introduce you to our Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics family! In the first edition of our Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics team feature, meet Shantell!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: 9 days ago Main

Happy Thanksgiving!
Sending out a huge, warm burst of gratitude to all of our clients past, present and future. As we look around the office, we can't help but remember the impact we've made on our clients' lives, providing them with a beautiful new smile. Today — we want to thank YOU.
Student Special: Long-distance Clear Aligners Treatment
Worried that going to university or college will slow down your current orthodontic treatment? Thinking of getting clear aligners but unsure because you are going far away to university? Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics uses the Dental Monitoring phone app so you can have college AND great teeth. More here.

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