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Orthodontics For Teens

Our team at Vincelli Orthodontics offers several orthodontic treatment options geared to the specific needs of teenagers in Calgary and Canmore including braces and Invisalign clear aligners.

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Orthodontics For Teens

Happier, Healthier Smiles for Teens

By age 12, most (or all) of your permanent teeth have erupted and are in place. At this time crooked teeth, gaps and “bad bites” are easily detected by an orthodontic specialist. Because these types of problems rarely correct themselves, the early to mid-teen years are a great time to undergo orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment may have advantages for a teenager's self-confidence and self-image, but there's much more to it than that. A straighter, more even smile doesn't just look good, it has many oral health benefits as well.

Orthodontic treatment for teens at Vincelli Orthodontics focuses on correcting bite functionality and comfort, improving teeth alignment, and reducing the risk of health issues later in life.

Why should my teen have orthodontic treatment?

Studies show that having straighter teeth leads to fewer dental issues later in life. At Vincelli Orthodontics, we offer after-school appointments for teens, as well as financing options.

Orthodontic Treatment For Teens

At Vincelli Orthodontics, we offer the following treatment options for teens.

Traditional Braces 

Traditional braces can be used to help align growing smiles and resolve orthodontic issues such as crowded teeth.  
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Invisalign Teen

Clear aligners from Invisalign Teen are removable and offer the appearance of wearing no braces. 
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TMJ Treatment

Issues in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can cause long-term problems. We offer treatment options for teens. 
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Sleep Apnea Treatment

This sleep disorder can affect teens' health and behaviour. Our orthodontists offer sleep apnea treatment options. 
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Orthodontics for Teens FAQs

Read the frequently asked questions we've received from patients about orthodontic treatment options for teens.

  • Are teens candidates for orthodontic treatment?

    Yes. Many people undergo orthodontic treatment during their teens. Depending on your teen's orthodontic issue, we can complete a thorough assessment and recommend treatment options such as traditional braces, Invisalign Teen, or treatment for temporomandibular joint issues or sleep apnea

  • What orthodontic treatment options are available for teens?

    We offer a wide range of orthodontic treatment options, including braces and Invisalign clear aligners as well as treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder and sleep apnea.

  • What issues can you help address?

    Traditional braces and clear aligners such as Invisalign Teen® can address and treat all of the same bite issues including crowding, spaces in teeth, overbites, underbite, and crossbite. We also offer treatment for temporomandibular joint issues and sleep apnea. 

  • What are braces?

    Braces are a traditional orthodontic treatment option that can treat a wide range of oral and orthodontic health issues. Made of wires and brackets that work together, braces gradually move your teeth into their proper positions by applying constant but gentle pressure. They are non-removable and require periodic adjustments at an orthodontist's office. 

  • What are Invisalign clear aligners?

    Invisalign clear aligners can be used to straighten teeth and change the appearance of your smile. 

    3D computer imaging technology is used to create a customized treatment plan that will guide the movement of your teeth into their final corrected positions, without relying on metal braces. 

    A series of clear plastic aligners will be made to fit your teeth during each stage of your treatment process. These clear aligners are typically difficult for the average person looking at your smile to detect. Invisalign aligners can also be removed so patients can brush, floss, eat and drink. 

  • Can orthodontic treatment help alleviate my teen's jaw pain?

    Along with adults, teens can also develop issues with their temporomandibular joint and experience jaw and facial pain, degenerative changes, pain or ringing in the ears, headaches, and other symptoms. 

    At Vincelli Orthodontics, we can offer treatment options including bite splints or bite adjustments, teeth reshaping or corrective bite surgery, depending on a teenager's specific issues and assessment outcomes. 

  • Can orthodontic treatment help my teen sleep better?

    Yes. Undergoing orthodontic treatment can help to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. Our orthodontists at Vincelli Orthodontics can also recommend a custom-fitted oral appliance to allow for easier breathing while your teen sleeps. 

    This can have positive health implications beyond oral health, including improved attention and learning, and better mental and physical health in the short and long term.

  • Can orthodontic treatment help with sleep apnea in teens?

    Sleep apnea in teens can cause a range of problems, from attention and hyperactivity issues to aggression, altered immune responses and cardiovascular problems in the long term. 

    This potentially life-threatening sleep disorder needs to be treated early to avoid lifelong health implications. Our Calgary and Canmore orthodontists can offer custom-made oral appliances to help improve oxygen flow and prevent teens from waking during the night. These are typically most effective for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. 

  • How long does orthodontic treatment take for teens?

    Our orthodontists in Calgary and Canmore can perform a thorough orthodontic assessment to determine your teen's specific condition and treatment needs. 

    Every patient's treatment needs are unique, but for most people orthodontic treatment lasts for between 12 and 24 months. 

    The treatment plan and its duration will be based on the outcome of this assessment. 

  • How much does orthodontic treatment for teens cost?

    A teenager's individual needs will factor in to the cost of their orthodontic treatment. There is no standard fee for treatment. During a comprehensive orthodontic examination, our orthodontists can assess your teen's treatment needs and quote a fee relevant to the treatment plan required. 

    We offer financing options to help meet your family's budget. 

  • How will orthodontic treatment affect my lifestyle?

    Depending on the treatment option you choose, your teen may need to make a few small changes while undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

    With braces, certain chewy, crunchy or sticky, or hard foods such as licorice, candy, caramel, gum and popcorn should be avoided. 

    Whether your teen has braces or Invisalign, they will need to practice excellent oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing regularly to avoid plaque buildup and oral health problems occurring during their treatment. 

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